TacticalSailing 6.0

TacticalSailing is a sailing Java game for windows
6.0 (See all)

TacticalSailing is a sailing Java game for windows.
Headwinds, crosswinds, tailwinds, tacking, jibing, luffing, bearing, an interactive regatta simulation for playing and learning.

Have lots of fun playing A Game Against the Wind- be the first to steer your boat, choose Opti, Laser, 420er, 470er, 29er, 49er or H-Boat across the finish line. If you want to learn more about the wind, check out a tactical tip.

-By controlling the wind conditions yourself
-You also determine the level of difficulty when you playing the game.
-A lot of meaningful tacitical tips.
-The wind is always your opponent!
-You will notice this in the many standard situation that Tactical Sailing presents and explains in audio-visual form
-Choice of Boats

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